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Eckerlin Meats Homemade Goetta

What does goetta consist of?

It's not unusual for people to ask, "What the heck is goetta?" Great question, especially because you aren’t likely to find goetta available outside of the Cincinnati, Ohio or Northern Kentucky geographic areas.

Here's our answer: Goetta is made by blending a unique mix of ground pork and beef, combined with onion and steel cut pinhead oats, a great blend of spices, and slow cooking it for hours.

What makes Eckerlin Meats goetta different?

Eckerlin Meats goetta combines high quality, lean pork and beef products and fresh ground spices. We slow cook ours in small batches to ensure that quality. After the goetta is cooked, we chill it and form it into blocks.

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Our goetta is ready to be cooked for your next breakfast or airtight-sealed and shipped to your friends and relatives.

There are a few different types and brands of goetta out there. They are all different. We take pride in ours for many reasons:
  • It’s made in small batches.
  • Only high quality pork and beef are used.
  • No Scraps or Excess Fat are used.
  • High in Fiber.
  • Great texture.
  • A flavor all its own.
Some refer to goetta as a German sausage of sorts. Others compare it to scrapple which uses cornmeal instead of oats. Once you’ve had ours, you’ll understand that, well, goetta is goetta and there really is no comparison.

How do I prepare goetta as part of a meal?

Traditionally, goetta was eaten for breakfast. Get a hot skillet or pan and fry a piece of goetta. It’s a fully cooked product. When cooking it at home, you just want to get it golden brown and crispy on each side. Try putting goetta in an omelet. It’s a great alternative to sausage.

We’ve seen people use goetta in a bunch of different ways. In omelets, on sandwiches, on pizza, in a burrito, the possibilities are endless! Serve it on its own with some maple syrup, some grape jelly. We’ve even seen a gentleman eat it with horseradish. Pretty crazy don’t you think?

We encourage you to try some goetta. Send an e-mail to us and let us know what you thought and how you used it. You may love it. You may hate it. But you definitely won’t forget it!
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