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Eckerlin Meats Beef

Eckerlin Meats Beef

What you should know about Eckerlin's Meats beef?

Eckerlin Meats carries a wide variety of beef products. From your steak and roasts to variety meats, we cater to all tastes.

Our beef is always top quality, and we carry USDA Prime and Choice beef. Further down this page is a small list of some of the beef products that we carry. Our beef is always fresh and never frozen. We have the ability to custom cut any piece of meat to your specifications. 

Beef Skews
Beef Patty 
Ground Products
Specialty Items 
Flank Steaks
Flat Iron Steaks
Hanger Steaks
New York Strip Steaks
Rib Eye Steaks
Skirt Steaks
Tenderloin / Filets / Filet Mignon
T-Bone / Porterhouse Steaks 
  Beef Stew Tips
Chuck Roasts
Cube Steaks
Shadow Steaks
Short Ribs
Top Rounds

  Chop Sirloin Patties
Ground Chuck
Ground Sirloin 
  Gourmet Burgers
Stuffed Flank Steaks

Having trouble finding a certain cut of meat?
Just call us at (513) 721-5743 or send us an e-mail, and one of our staff will definitely contact you. From beef heart and tongue to beef cheeks, we can get it for you. Just be sure to give an advanced notice of about a week, and we can provide what you are looking for.
  Eckerlin Meats -Voted Best Goetta By Cincinnati Magazine
Eckerlin Meats Beef Short Ribs  

Beef Short Ribs

Many people have cooked or eaten ribs, but have you ever tried beef short ribs? If not, you are missing out. Beef short ribs are delicious. Just cook them low and slow. Use low heat and cook them for a longer amount of time.

The fat in the ribs will just melt away, and you'll be left with a piece of meat that will not only melt in your mouth but also has incredible flavor.

Eckerlin Meats Beef Short Ribs   

Beef Stew Tips

Want to cook up a really good beef stew?
Having beef stew or beef tips in the refrigerator or freezer is never a bad thing.
At Eckerlin Meats we hand cut each customers order of beef stew tips. At Eckerlin Meats we do that to ensure the food that comes out of our store, gets cooked properly, and goes into the mouths of you and your family is always the best quality.
What about cooking up one of your hearty chili recipes?
Beef tips can be used to make a great beef stew or a hearty chili. Eckerlin Meats beef stew is always lean and when cooked properly is as tender as anyone could hope to have turn out in your kitchen.

Beef Top Round   

Beef Top Round

Some Beef Top Round cooking ideas
Looking for a perfect pot roast? Eckerlin Meats carries high quality beef top rounds.

These lean beef roasts are easy to cook. They slice down perfectly. Roasted with some vegetables beef top round roast is the perfect Sunday dinne

Eckerlin Meats Choice Chuck Roast   

Chuck Roast

Versatility of Beef Chuck Roasts. Eckerlin Meats carries choice beef chuck roasts.
The chuck roast comes from the shoulder and is a very versatile piece of meat. It takes well to low heat and braising. If you are looking for a roast that has huge flavor and will shred easily, this is the one.

Use it to make beef barbecue or a classic beef stew.

Eckerlin Meats Filet Tenderloin   

Filet Tenderloin

Consider the many benefits of beef tenderloin
Beef tenderloin is what many people consider to be the best of all steaks. Nothing can compare to the texture and tenderness of the tenderloin. A staple at the dinner table on holidays, this cut of beef has many uses in home kitchens and restaurants everyday.
You can purchase a beef tenderloin whole, or as individual filet mignons. Buying a whole beef tenderloin roast is more cost effective to the consumer. Each beef tenderloin has a different weight but on average weigh about 6.5 pounds.
Purchasing the whole piece saves money. Whole tenderloin has a significant amount of trim and waste. When trimmed and sold as filets and individually cut steaks, the price increases due to the loss of the trim.

Eckerlin Meats Filet Mignon   

Filet Mignon

Referred to as filets or filet mignon, these steaks are guaranteed to impress. Filets are completely trimmed of fat.
We always address any specific Filet Mignon requests
Here at Eckerlin Meats we are happy to trim and tie your tenderloin so that it’s ready to go in the oven.
What about the trim? We’ll grind it for you. Make some burger, meatballs, chili, or meatloaf, whatever sounds good.
Just cooking for two? No problem. Another way to get tenderloin is to purchase center cut steaks.

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